TwistedLamb and Julia Comita present ICEBOUND

TwistedLamb and Julia Comita unveiled an immersive gallery experience, ICEBOUND, on Dec. 10th in NYC with an opening reception event to kick off the exhibit. Directed by TwistedLamb's Mary Lee, and photographed by Julia Comita, ICEBOUND showcases large-scale photographic prints in a stunning visual release that weaves a portrait of courtship, domination, and the consummation of dueling elements born from fire and ice. With incorporated video, a motorbike installation, and music scored by Boreta of the Glitch Mob, ICEBOUND highlights the beauty of risk, and the ever-present sexuality in danger.

With the large-scale photograhic prints surrounding the customized motorbike in the gallery, ICEBOUND creates an entire experience for the viewer. From start to finish, the opening of ICEBOUND was packed with viewers anxious to see what Lee and Comita had created. A gown that viewers saw featured in several the photographs was designed by the talented Christian Soriano.

Saswat PattanayakComment