Ground Zero Presents "Gangs Far East"

Ground-Zero has officially debuted today during New York Fashion Week showing their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, GANGS FAR EAST.

The collection is an homage to 90's gang culture juxtaposed with Asian tradition.  Intricate embroideries of dragons and flowers serve as visual elements to the designers' roots, while the oversized cuts, and distressed denim provide a modern approach. The femininity of a butterfly breaks the masculinity of a silk bomber jacket, along with other street-ready pieces. Each garment is finely detailed and produces a look that's quirky, yet dark and sophisticated.

Streetwear staples like technical knits, fishnets, denim and vinyl are key components of this season, as are a rich color palette like orange and beige. The design brothers stay true their graphic design background by incorporating an array of original prints, alongside hand crafted embellishments.

The design concepts are always conflicting and contrasting. Deeply philosophical and transcendental, Ground-Zero is globally re-defining Chinese aesthetic.  


GROUND-ZERO is a creative fashion brand founded by brothers Eri and Philip Chu in 2008. The Hong Kong-based duo belives that a good design house should be built on a solid foundation, and "ground zero" is the first step of their creative world. Ground-Zero is a literal translation of the designers' belief that everything has to start from ZERO, where possibilities are unlimited and anything is possible. ZERO could be anything. 

From the Presentation:  

From the Backstage

(Images courtesy: Ground Zero)